From the discussions we have with our clients or our potential clients, we picked some of the most common questions. If you do not find the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


We are from Sibiu but we build wooden houses in any locality in the country, as well as abroad.
The houses are produced in our factory in Sura Mare, Sibiu – are transported and mounted on the beneficiary’s land. The cost of transport is 5 ron / km and only the shower is paid.

The life of wooden houses is over one hundred years. In support of this statement are the hundred-year-old wooden churches, although at that time the treatment of wood was non-existent. Our company offers you a 15 year warranty! It is good to know that if there are no licks or other structural problems in the early years – then they will not even appear!

Any house can burn, whether it’s stone, brick or concrete. Houses do not burn on their own, but because there is an electrical short circuit, a gas leak, etc., risks that are found in any type of house.
Wood houses, like all other houses, can be fitted with smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems.
Insurance companies say there are no more frequent fires in wooden houses. It has been found that in the event of a fire, problems arise in furniture, carpets or curtains that light up first but not on the walls.
Timber houses with standard treatments fall within the same class of fire resistance as those of brick (F 30 B) and those with which wood is treated specially to F 60 and even F 90. The 30 … 90 indicates the time in minutes up to when the components of the house lose their carrying capacity in the event of a fire. The electrical installation at a wooden house is so conceived and constructed that it does not allow the triggering of a fire by disconnecting the general supply to the smallest spark. And if we are right and then we look at the forces of nature – fire, water – man has never been able to oppose, and if he is to burn, regardless of the type of structure, the house will burn. It has to be said that in a concrete and masonry structure that has been burned and which seems to have remained, in fact for its restoration, it is necessary to give it everything, because, due to the very high temperatures emitted by the fire, the structural properties of the brick and the concrete disappears.

Wood is treated during drying by an Austrian company. After the house is installed, apply a 3 in 1 protective lacquer in the desired shade. They are varnishes used for the protection and staining of wood of different essences, exploited on the outside or inside. With specific fungicide and insecticide content, these varnishes give lacquered surfaces microbiological protection (fungi, molds, insects, caries), hydrophobic and good dirt resistance, while reducing drying and swelling of wood, providing UV protection and weathering.

We can offer you 4 services: wooden house kit, assembly, roof covering and transport.
The price for “wooden house kit” – includes all woodwork made in the factory, doors, windows, interior staircase, technical design.
The mounting price – besides the workmanship, includes all the necessary fastening systems: holsurubs, joints, metallic nails, nails, etc.
The beneficiary ensures the meal and accommodation of the assembly team (4-5 people) during the construction. The roof covering is bituminous shingles.
The foundation / board is the responsibility of the customer. We offer you a sketch with the dimensions they need to have and where they leave for leakage. Installations do not work.

We propose an experiment: When it’s cold outside, put your hand on a piece of dry wood that was in the cold. Then place your hand on a brick that has been preserved under the same conditions.
You will feel a significant difference. Wood is warmer or at least we could describe the sensation. The conclusion, though incredible for some, is that wood insulates much better than concrete or brick. The 4.5 cm wooden wall is the equivalent of an 18 cm brick wall.
However, if the wooden house is a permanent home then it is recommended to isolate it. There are also several ways to isolate a wooden house:
1. With polystyrene, mineral wool, basalt wool – what you want – on the outside. Over the insulation is given a decorative plaster; With polystyrene, mineral wool, basalt wool, etc. – on the inside, 3. Double wall insulation and here are 2 variants:
a) exterior wall of 45mm + 100mm insulation space + 22mm paneling on the inside;
b) exterior wall 45mm + 100mm insulation space + 45mm outer wall. We can handle double wall insulation and we can offer you a price only for the wooden part. The cost of insulation depends on what you choose. The cost of polystyrene, for example, is between 130 and 540 ron / m3.

Da, construim si dupa proiectul clientului. Daca nu aveti un proiect – nu este nici o problema – ne puteti trimite o schita simpla, facuta de mana cu dimensiunile si compartimentare dorita.
Asadar, daca casutele expuse de catre firma noastra nu satisfac necesitatile dumneavoastra – cu ajutorul unui pix, o coala de hartie si putina imaginatie puteti crea casa dorita care sa vi se potriveasca ca o manusa! Vezi aici mai multe detalii: http://casedinlemn.com/creaza-ti-propria-casa/
Mentionam faptul ca orice model de casa prezentat de firma noastra poate fi modificat si adaptat nevoilor Dumneavoastra!