Advantages of wooden houses


Wooden houses are the best choice for all who want a natural, economic and ecological home. Wood is a lightweight material that can be multilaterally processed, has no emissions, is healthy and economical. Wooden houses breathe, contributing to a healthy and natural environment.

The main advantages of a wooden house:

  • house sustainability is high;
  • thermal insulation (wood is one of the best thermal insulators);
  • construction time is very low and is not influenced by seasons;
  • economic;
  • wood elasticity gives homes resistance to earthquakes;
  • green;
  • healthy.
Low Costs

The price is ultimately the most powerful factor in the final decision on the type of house built. Wooden houses are 30% – 40% cheaper than caramel, for example because the materials used are cheaper, the execution time is very short, and the fact that they can be prefabricated to a great extent – makes the price to be even lower. Our company guarantees you prices without competition, quality and professionalism.

Energetic efficiency

Globally, in the last decades, brick and concrete have begun to lose ground in front of massive wood homes. Wood is 6 times more insulating than brick and 15 times more insulating than concrete, which leads to significant heating savings. Wooden houses provide excellent thermal comfort, being warm in winter and cool in the summer. The temperature of the walls – even in the winter – is 18 degrees compared to 5 degrees to the walls of the masonry. Due to a very low thermal inertia, a wooden house heats up immediately, even in winter after a very long break.

Resistance / Safety

Wooden houses are flexible and light, and are not dangerous in the event of an earthquake. The principle of weight transmission is the same as that of frame structures, with the difference that the material used is wood, which is more elastic than conventional building materials. This, along with its own reduced weight, allows constructions made on the wood structure to withstand earthquakes with magnitude over 8 degrees on the Richter scale. The walls of Castellan wood houses, merged into two double and double faces, coveted at the ends, allow the house to “settle”, thus providing a perfect resistance in time.

Sustainability of Homes

Despite the prejudices, the main qualities of wood remain elasticity and durability. There is a preconceived opinion that things that are done quickly are not sustainable. Wooden houses show that “fast” and “sustainable” is a real concept. In support of this statement, there are more than a millennium wood churches in northern Europe, tens of millions of wooden houses built in Western countries. There are in our country, but especially in Germany and Austria, wooden houses that are more than 100 years old! In Romania there is a bias to link the notion of wooden houses to perishability, short life and provisional. Contrary to these prejudices, in the US over 90% of single-family homes are built of wood, chipboards or gypsum boards. The structure of these houses is conceived and designed as a space system of elastic frames, reinforced with special metal parts.

Execution speed

Since signing the contract with us, you can move into your home after just 2-3 months, it depends what we have in the work. In the factory, the house is produced in a week, and the assembly takes about a week. Wooden houses can be made in any season. From this point of view, it goes beyond any other types of construction.

Caring for the environment

Unlike brick and concrete dwellings, the wood “breathes” and is therefore a source of “tranquility” and “balance”. Wood is a natural and ecological element. In a masonry house, dampness, condensation can occur, while a wooden house “breathes” and does not suffer from vapor. From an aesthetic point of view, the wood gives the interior frame a warm, familiar, relaxing atmosphere, while on the outside the construction is distinguished by the approach and style of the architecture of the environment.