Wooden house “Natur” 5.100 euro

Wood  type: dried fir.
Dimensions: 5,14m x 7,14m + terrace 5,14m x 2m
Surface:  36,7sqm + 10,28 sqm

Wall thickness:
45mm, using the jointing technology by double tongue and double groove. There is also the possibility of double wall: 45mm exterior wall + 100mm free space for insulation + 45mm interior wall (or a panelling of 22mm).

The price for the “Wooden house Kit
”- includes all the  wood, processed  in our  factory with windows, doors  and technical project.
Guarantee-15 years!  

Our offer:

Wooden house kit 5.100 euro
Installation 1.250 euro
Shingle 950 euro
Transport 5 ron/km
TOTAL 7.300 euro+transport